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After many years on the forbidden fruit list, the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is fair game in America. The GT-R Challenge and Drag Battle, held in Australia, draw the highest horsepower, street registered cars together to compete in a shootout-style elimination event. A jarring supercar quality that's been ironed out of so many modern high-performance cars.

Of course, Nissan didn't build the GT-R just so a few deranged Japanese guys could embarrass the local 911 brigade. But what's amazing is that Nissan has managed to keep the GT-R basically at the peak of its game since its 2007 debut (not to mention the original concept car, which debuted some 15 years ago in 2001).

In February 2002, the final production models of the R34 GT-R were released and named the Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür and the Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nür. To complement its powerful engine, the 2018 Nissan GT-R has a wealth of great performance features. The Track Edition gets a NISMO-tuned suspension with a thicked rear stabilizer bar, special lightweight wheels and a carbon-fibre rear spoiler.

Although power was officially 276bhp the sister Nur cars left Nissan with more like 330bhp. Many GT-T models are dressed up and badged as GT-Rs but a lack of front driveshafts should give that particular game away. The grey carpets wear well, but check for holes in the front and rear footwells which would indicate that the car had a roll cage a one time.

Running major amounts of negative camber on the 11-inch wide front wheels and belching fire from their side-exit exhausts, the cars devour the tarmac, decorated in iconic liveries. She moved on to a 400- horsepower RX3 coupe and an FD RX7 S1 before finding her way behind the wheel of a 550-horsepower, RB25DET-swapped R32 Skyline GTS-t.

Other GT-Rs swept the FISA N-class podium at the Spa-Francochamps 24 Hour race in July 1990, and a Nissan works machine in Zexel colors took the first overall win for a Japanese car there the following Nissan Skyline GT-R year. After having been a fan of good, sporty Nissans my whole life (and having driven both generations of the GT-R's thematic rival the original and current NSX ), I was thrilled to finally get behind the wheel of this beast.

Apple CarPlay is now standard on both versions of the GT-R and a black interior trim package is newly available. The immense power and capability of the Nissan GT-R® comes with a level of safety, control, and convenience features designed to inspire confidence every moment you're behind the wheel.

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